Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Brantford

Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure to remove an impacted wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth emerge in the late teens to early twenties. The tooth may erupt without any issue, but if it is impacted, you may need to undergo an extraction procedure. It is not always necessary to remove wisdom teeth, even if they are impacted. Sometimes, leaving it rather than extracting it may make more sense. Our Brantford dentist will determine if you need a surgical procedure.

When a Wisdom Tooth Extraction is Necessary

The emergence of the wisdom tooth may vary between patients. The wisdom teeth may never emerge for some patients. While for others, the tooth does not cause any problems, and tooth surgery is unnecessary. However, for many people, there isn’t enough room for the tooth when it erupts. It may erupt partially or at an unhealthy angle. It may become an infection, and you may experience severe pain, prompting an emergency.

You will need an emergency tooth removal to prevent several serious complications. The tooth may emerge at an angle that prevents the growth of surrounding teeth. The wisdom tooth may trigger alignment problems, making eating and speaking difficult.

Your gums and teeth are susceptible to infections due to the inconsistencies in the structure of the tooth. We recommend visiting a dentist for tooth extraction near you if you experience excruciating pain or have an abscess.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

Our Brantford dentist may perform the tooth extraction procedure on an outpatient basis. The treatment plan will depend on the location and angle of the impacted tooth. Extraction involves making small incisions on the gum tissue and gradually pulling out the tooth.

Some patients may require a more extensive surgical procedure. It may be necessary to make an incision on the bone based on X-rays and 3D imaging data. An abscess may also complicate the extraction process.

AVA Dentistry is an independent private practice utilizing state-of-the-art technology and tailored treatment procedures. Patients needing tooth extraction by a Brantford dentist can consult us for an evaluation.

Same Day Tooth Extraction in Brantford

A same-day tooth extraction allows patients to have a tooth removed within the same appointment. The procedure is generally recommended when the patient has severe dental pain and the dentist can’t save the tooth. Removing it is important as it may cause complications with the surrounding healthy teeth. Whether you’re coming in for a wisdom teeth removal or need to remove a dead tooth, our practitioners can ensure a pain-free experience and strive to deliver quality dental care in Brantford. Feel free to visit our dental clinic whenever you need a same-day tooth extraction.