Night & Sports Mouth Guards

Night & Sports Mouth Guards in Brantford

AVA Dentistry provides multi-specialty dental care, including customized solutions that help you preserve your oral health. Night and sports mouth guards are designed to keep your teeth healthy and safe during sports activity or while you are asleep.

Our compassionate, experienced, and trained dentist creates custom night & sports mouth guards in Brantford that help preserve your teeth and oral health.

Who Needs Mouth Guards?

Not only can mouthguards save your teeth from injury during contact sports, but they are also useful in preventing the ill effects of bruxism or teeth grinding. You should consider getting a mouth guard for teeth grinding if you wake up with the following symptoms-

  • Sore and aching jaw
  • A dull and lingering headache that lasts the entire day
  • Toothache or an earache near a painful tooth
  • Dental sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages
  • All these are symptoms of bruxism, a condition we can treat with a custom-fit night mouth guard.

How Can Night Guards Help Treat Bruxism?

The cause of teeth grinding or bruxism is still not well understood. Alcohol and caffeine consumption, stress, or genetics predispose you to grind your teeth in sleep. Bruxism can damage your teeth and affect your overall oral health.

Our dentist can detect the changes in your teeth and mouth that can confirm bruxism and design a custom-fitted dental mouth guard for sleeping. If the condition is left untreated, the continuous grinding can damage your teeth and jawbone and give you headaches and earaches.

Bruxism can result in Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, but we can prevent it using a mouthguard our dentist recommends.

How Can A Sports Mouthguard Help You?

A dental sports guard can prevent injuries leading to tooth damage and tooth loss. A custom-made mouthguard can protect your mouth and teeth by shielding the upper teeth from damage from impacts and blows to your face. The guards can also save the soft tissues of the mouth, especially the cheeks, from injuries.
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