Orthodontic Treatment in Brantford

Ava Dentistry is excited to elevate the smiles of families and individuals. We know that having bite misalignment and crooked teeth can take away your pride in enjoying your beautiful smile. Our dental clinic in Brantford strives to offer energetic and fun-loving dental services to each patient.

Our orthodontic treatment is tailored to meet your concerns, needs, desires, and goals. We focus on comfort, efficiency, aesthetics, and oral health, and intertwin all these elements to see you soon share your most beautiful smile.

Orthodontics – More than Just a Straighter Bite!

Orthodontic treatment involves the straightening or moving of teeth and improving their appearance and how they work. It’s more than just creating beautiful smiles. Orthodontic treatment improves oral health and the long-term health of the jaw joints, gums, teeth, and jawbone by distributing the biting or chewing pressure over the entire teeth.

Our services feature:

  • Braces – Traditional & Clear Braces

Dental braces have evolved significantly from the traditional orthodontic dental appliance to straighten teeth and improve your bite. We have the traditional metal braces that were the gold standard for a straighter bite. They are still used today, but many use less visible teeth straightening appliances like clear braces.

We utilize clear braces to correct orthodontic issues such as gapped, crowded, crooked, and overlapped teeth or protruding teeth. The thing about clear braces is that they are discreet yet strong enough to provide nearly the teeth-shifting pressure you would find with metal braces. Our orthodontist near you provides clear braces for teens and adults.

  • Invisalign® Treatment

Many people seeking inconspicuous ways of aligning their teeth and bite will choose the Invisalign® system. Invisalign provides an invisible method of straightening teeth with cutting-edge 3D computer-imaging technology. Our orthodontist in Brantford uses Invisalign technology to get current and final straightened positions of your teeth to map out your individualized treatment plan that, little by little, aligns your bite.

Contact our orthodontist near you if you have malocclusions or crooked teeth to see what orthodontic treatment can work for you!