Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Brantford

No one wants to go to the dentist for an emergency, but these things happen. The important thing is that you have a dependable emergency dentist near you that can handle, whatever your dental situation.

For our emergency dentistry services, we prioritize any issues that involve severe pain, bleeding, or the potential loss of a tooth. Emergency dentistry services are a vital part of oral health.

Here are some examples of common dental emergencies that you should seek help with.


Toothaches can occur for a variety of reasons, none of which you should ignore. If you are experiencing prolonged pain from a tooth, you should immediately go to your local dentist. The tooth may require extraction or even a root canal.

Toothaches that aren’t treated properly can lead to further damage to other teeth and gum areas. That is why we recommend seeking emergency dentistry to get the care you need.

Bleeding and Swelling

Bleeding and swelling, particularly after an extraction, are signs of a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. It can be a sign of gum damage or infection that can lead to very serious health problems if not treated immediately.

Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Teeth

Any of these issues are important to get treated immediately to prevent further damage and tooth loss. A cracked or broken tooth can expose the nerve and cause severe pain and swelling that also damages your teeth and gums further.

Oftentimes a cracked tooth will need to be filled. Chipped or broken teeth may be able to be capped though they sometimes need to be extracted.

Loss of Dental Equipment

Another major concern that needs medical attention is the loss of bridgework and other dental devices. Loss of dental equipment can cause further problems that can result in needing surgery and other emergency procedures.

It is important to replace these parts as quickly as possible so that no further damage is done to the teeth, gums, and other oral areas. Many dentists offer these and other services to help take care of emergency problems with people’s oral hygiene.

If you are experiencing these or other serious mouth tooth or gum-related issues, be sure to seek emergency dental care at King George dentist.