Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Brantford

Oral cancer is the most serious condition encountered by our oral surgeon in Brantford. Symptoms can be challenging to detect during the early phases. Regular checkups can unearth the earliest signs of cancerous growth when it’s easiest to treat.

At AVA Dentistry, our team employs the latest cutting-edge tools for dental tests and maxillofacial surgery. Our specialists treat oral health conditions like infections, cysts, and oral cancer.

Symptoms of Maxillofacial Conditions

The earliest signs of maxillofacial problems often appear on the mucous lining. Most patients hardly experience pain and discomfort at this stage. But you can still identify the symptoms before an examination by an oral surgeon near you.

Take time to examine your soft palate, the roof of your mouth, and your gums between appointments with your dental clinic in Brantford. Symptoms include:

  • Red and white patches on the side of your cheeks
  • Dryness of the mouth
  • A chronic sore throat
  • Sores that won’t heal

Our oral surgeon may prescribe antibiotic medication for some conditions. However, reconstructive surgery is recommended if you have severe oral health issues.

Oral Surgery Procedure and Treatment

Oral specialists may recommend surgery if you have a severe problem like an abscessed tooth. An abscess is the buildup of pus inside your teeth or gums. The principal symptom is throbbing pain around the affected area. Other signs may include a foul taste in your mouth, discomfort when chewing food, and fever.

There are several types of tooth abscesses. Our oral surgeon may make an incision to drain out the puss around the tooth. Some patients may need a root canal therapy to remove the tooth infection. More extensive surgery is necessary for severe cases to cut out infected tissue.

Maxillofacial treatments may address cysts and cancerous growth on your face and neck. Your oral surgeon may also diagnose facial pain and trauma caused by accidents or injuries. Surgery can reconstruct your jaw to correct bite anomalies.

You should see an oral surgeon if you have oral tumors, cysts, or cancer symptoms. Visit a dental clinic for regular checkups. Contact AVA Dentistry to learn more about oral surgery, or book an appointment today!