Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Brantford

AVA Dentistry has a team of dental specialists passionate about pediatric dentistry. We have experience in diagnosing and treating teeth and gum concerns in children. Our kid’s dentist also provides gentle and friendly children’s dental care. The goal is to equip kids with tools and knowledge to take control of their teeth and gums for optimum oral health.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Dental specialists recommend taking your child to a Brantford dentist by their first birthday or after six months of tooth eruption. An assessment can reveal risk factors causing caries and gum disease even at that age.

The appointment may also present an opportunity to unearth oral health problems that may exacerbate other health conditions. A kids’ dental specialist can identify risk factors causing asthma and congenital heart disease from oral health symptoms.

A pediatric dentist near you can also evaluate orthodontic complications in children. Childhood habits like thumb sucking or pacifier use could lead to jaw and teeth misalignments.

Sucking the thumb can cause the front teeth to move forward. A kid’s dentist will refer you to an orthodontic specialist for further treatment.

Experienced Pediatric Dentist in Brantford

Pediatric dental clinics must have experience working with children to provide the highest level of care. Some children tend to feel nervous or stressed before an appointment with the dentist.

Many factors may cause anxiety in children. Unusual sounds and colors in the dental office may cause nervousness. Unlike general dentists, specialists in pediatric dental clinics will work to identify and isolate the factors behind your child’s anxiety.

Regular visits to the kid’s dentist are critical for encouraging positive oral health habits. Therefore, our pediatric dentistry takes steps to ensure children with dental anxiety are comfortable. The office environment is designed to make your little one feel relaxed during a dental checkup.

If our pediatric dentistry finds any oral health issues, they will provide the appropriate treatment. Dentists may prescribe sealants and fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay. Parents and children will receive oral health education to reduce the risk of dental health problems.

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