Dos And Don’t Do It After Oral Surgery

Dos And Don’t Do It After Oral Surgery

January 9, 2023

If scheduled for oral surgery, you might wonder how to manage healing after your surgical procedure. Whether you are having surgery to have wisdom teeth extracted or enhance the appearance of your teeth by eliminating a gummy smile by undergoing gum grafting procedures, oral surgery treatment is an outpatient procedure in the dentist’s office. You will receive comprehensive instructions on caring for yourself before and after surgery. Therefore you can rest assured you will receive all care after your surgical procedure, including the dos and don’ts for your recovery to ensure you don’t invite complications in your mouth.

What Should I Avoid After Oral Surgery?

After undergoing oral surgery at the Brantford dental clinic, the surgeons from the practice will provide a list of things you must avoid. Remember, you must follow the instructions to the word to proceed with your healing. The instructions the oral surgeon provides include the following:

  • Not Exerting Yourself: Visiting a gym after oral surgery is not suggested because you need to rest and recover without indulging in heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for a few days after your surgical procedure. In addition, exercising has the potential to dislodge stitches in your mouth or the blood clot at the surgical site to create additional complications.
  • Avoid Hot Foods and Drinks: Do not consider having a hot coffee or scorching meals soon after having oral surgery because the numbness in your mouth requires time to wear off, causing you to burn your mouth and throat inadvertently. When recovering from surgical procedures in your mouth, you don’t need to compound the discomfort with a burnt mouth.
  • Avoid Smoking: You must stop smoking 24 hours before the surgery and not start until 48 hours after the procedure. Even better is quitting the habit to improve your oral and general health. Your surgeon can assist with smoking cessation if you need help.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol interferes with your healing making it essential to avoid having alcohol 24 hours before your operation and 48 hours after. In addition, if you receive antibiotics or narcotic painkillers, ensure that you don’t drink alcohol because it can interact with the medicines.
  • Refrain From Brushing and Flossing: Oral surgery is one process when the oral surgeon suggests you don’t brush and floss your teeth for at least 24 hours. When you start brushing the following day, you must remain gentle with the area and brush the surgical area carefully.
  • Avoid Crunchy and Hard Foods: for six to eight weeks after completing the surgical procedure; you must avoid crunchy and hard foods like popcorn, raw vegetables, et cetera from near the surgical site.

What Should I Eat after Oral Surgery for Faster Healing?

Undergoing oral surgery doesn’t mean you must starve yourself. Instead, you can have soft foods and consume lukewarm liquid after the bleeding from the surgical procedure subsides. You can rely on foods like soups without meat chunks, yogurt, mashed potatoes, applesauce, et cetera.

Besides the above must ensure you clean your mouth without exceptions after 24 hours. The King George dentist suggests not rinsing your mouth for 24 hours after oral surgery. However, they also recommend cleaning your mouth three to four times per day using warm salt water after eating to eliminate food debris from your mouth. You might think using mouthwash is convenient for rinsing after oral surgery. However, it helps if you realize that mouthwash brands contain alcohol harmful to the surgical area and can delay healing. Therefore you must avoid over-the-counter mouthwash similar to alcohol to ensure it doesn’t hinder your recovery.

Oral surgery requires you to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins A and C or use supplements to provide them. The vitamins encourage healing and help you recover faster after the surgical procedure.

When suggested oral surgical procedures for any reason, you must prepare before the day of your appointment and use everything you accumulated before the surgery during your healing. Moving around shopping or indulging in other activities following the surgery will be challenging. Therefore efforts on your part are also essential to make your recovery comfortable and fast. After you recover from the operation, you can continue your regular activities like earlier without being held back by the restrictions suggested by the oral surgeon.

If you need oral surgery for medical or aesthetic improvements, AVA Dentistry performs various procedures, providing the instructions you need to heal quickly. Consult the practice for the process you need to have at their Brantford clinic but ensure you follow their instructions to the word for comfortable healing.